Injured? Make Sure to Get the Right Doc


Most training and sports injuries require a specialist. Here’s how to choose the best one based on your pain.

INJURY: A Sprain
Swelling and pain are usually the result of a stretched or torn ligament.

The Right Doc:
Start with your primary care physician. He may recommend a physical therapist to restore movement, function, and strength.

INJURY: Knee Pain
You can’t extend the leg or put your weight on it. Causes include ligament damage or an ACL injury.

The Right Doc:
An orthopedic physician. X-rays and an MRI should determine the extent of the injury and treatment

INJURY: Back Pain or Numbing in a Leg
Likely triggered by a damaged disk.

The Right Doc:
A physical therapist can teach you exercises to strengthen the injured area. If symptoms don’t improve, you may need an orthopedic surgeon.

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