Injury Free: Train Through the Pain


Getting hurt sucks, not just because of the pain, but because of the frustration you feel knowing your progress has to stop while you heal. Or does it? Here are three ways for you to keep making gains despite the pain.

1. Ice It

Icing slows the body’s inflammatory response, preventing your injury from severely limiting your mobility with swelling. If it’s difficult to place an ice pack on the injured area (such as the point of your knee), use a bag of frozen peas, which will conform to body parts better.

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2. Get ART

Active Release Technique is a type of physical therapy that manually breaks up the scar tissue and knots in muscle that cause pain and restrict movement. Patients often find relief after just one session of treatment.

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3. Warm Up Better

Your muscles feel (and look) better when they’re pumped with blood, and this in turn limbers up the joints. Start your workouts with higher reps, lighter weights, and shorter rests—use an exercise that doesn’t aggravate your injury—to drive blood into the hurt area you’re training. You’ll be less likely to feel pain later in the workout, and you’ll be able to train heavy more safely when it’s time to.

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