We Tried Instant Bone Broth – Here’s What We Found

Does bone broth really have magical properties?

While research out there varies, those who back bone broth’s benefits claim that its anti-inflammatory qualities, combined with collagen-boosting effects for skin and hair, and it’s healing properties for gut health and joints, make bone broth an amazing “superfood” to incorporate into your daily routine.

Regardless of what you believe, bone broth – or stock made from simmering animal bones and seasoning – has been around for generations. It’s what your grandmother’s grandmother was whipping up way back when, and it’s an old stand-by that many fall back on when their immune system feels compromised.

All you need is hot water. Photo: Tim Wright

While bone broth has been heavily trending in the wellness space for several years, the critical mass of products out there is a bit overwhelming. We noticed that many just-add-water instant bone broths are cropping up, making it an easy option to take along on a hike, camping trip or just on the road in general.

We picked up a package of LonoLife chicken bone broth packets and gave them a try. Here’s what we found out.

This Really is Soup in a Cup

bone broth taste test
LonoLife single serving chicken bone broth packets. Photo: Courtesy of LonoLife

If you are at all hesitant about what bone broth might taste like, know this: It really is just chicken (or beef) stock in a cup. When in a pinch, you can’t beat the convenience of just adding hot water and instantly having a meal at your fingertips, especially after a long day on the trail. If a savory, filling meal is what you are after, this will do the trick.

You can also easily add some vegetables and herbs to the broth to spice it up and add texture.

Protein Packed

Many people living the Paleo lifestyle are inclined to lean into the bone broth trend, because it supports the diet’s main principles of incorporating animal fats and protein. A single serving of LonoLife bone broth (or one packet) contains 10 grams of protein and 3 grams of carbohydrates. It’s also gluten and sugar free.

Sodium is something to keep in mind, though. These single serving packs have about 580 mg of sodium – not a low amount, to say the least, but probably on par with most packaged soups on the market.

Questions Left Unanswered

Bone broth doesn’t seem to contain any fat; 0 grams of total fat, and no mention of Omega 3 fatty acids under LonoLife’s nutrition facts.

Traditionally, bone broth has been recognized for one of its star ingredients, marrow, which is a rich source in omega 3 fatty acid, or DHA. Bones are also touted as a rich source of vitamins and minerals you won’t find anywhere else, such as key amino acids like glycine.

Such amino acids are contained in gelatin, which is extracted from bones when cooked for extended periods of time. Gelatin – and the vitamins and minerals it contains – is the key ingredient that reportedly helps heal the gut and aids digestion.

Unfortunately, these aren’t present in the LonoLife product – or at least, they aren’t listed under nutrition facts.

Several sources have questioned the dehydration techniques of powdered bone broth and whether the same healing qualities are present. It’s also necessary to mention that the quality of ingredients you are working with is paramount. Grass-fed, pasture-raised chicken or beef hold the most healing benefits because they do not contain toxins found in conventionally-raised animals.


bone broth taste test
Easily combined with veggies and herbs, instant bone broth is a quick-prep meal option. Photo: Courtesy of LonoLife

For those looking at ways to lighten your pack or even a quick pick-me-up that’s packed with protein and requires minimal effort, instant bone broths are where it’s at.

A pack of 10 LonoLife chicken broth packets runs for $19.99 (a pack of 24 is $39). Other options on the market come in at similar price points, while others can run the gamut upwards of $60 or more for a 10 oz jar.

Food for thought: Take into consideration what you are trying to get out of the product. If organic, pasture-raised and antibiotic-free are a must, you may want to tap into other options or even make your own broth. It won’t be as light and easy to take on the road, but you’ll have peace of mind knowing exactly what you’re consuming.

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