Intensity Amplifier: Progressive Shoulder Circuit

Intensity Amplifier: Progressive Shoulder Circuit

When you head into the gym, the box, the track or wherever it is that you choose to work out, you’ve probably got a plan written out, it’s on an app or it’s mapped out in your head. You’ve got everything covered from start to finish, except for the intensity. Sure, your intensity can be written and be prepared for, but when it truly shows is when you set the workout log to the side and get to work.

Here at Men’s Fitness, we strive to find and share some of the best tips and tricks to consider when trying to bring your A-game, every time. This week, we’ve laid out a progressive shoulder circuit to take your training and muscular gains to a whole new level.

The Progressive Shoulder Circuit

10-minute warm-up including shoulder circles, light side and front plate raises and foam rolling.

Routine Goal:

To progressively add additional reps and additional exercises as you move through the circuit. This routine will test your ability to push through new pain thresholds and provide a new twist to your traditional shoulder workouts.

Routine Notes:

1. Set one begins with one exercise. Set two will have two exercises, set three, three exercises, etc.
2. After each set you will add 5 repetitions to each exercise plus include an additional exercise. [see structure below]
3. Zero rest in between exercises, 30-60 seconds rest in between sets.
4. Change the amount of resistance as needed. If you cannot complete the specified number of repetitions, drop the weight or rest 1-2 seconds and complete.

Routine Structure:

SET ONE: Barbell Push Press, 5 repetitions.
SET TWO: Barbell Push Press, 10 repetitions > Barbell Upright Row, 5 repetitions.
SET THREE: Barbell Push Press, 15 repetitions > Barbell Upright Row, 10 repetitions > Front Plate Raises, 5 repetitions.
SET FOUR: Barbell Push Press, 20 repetitions > Barbell Upright Row, 15 repetitions > Front Plate Raises, 10 repetitions > Side Lateral Raises, 5 repetitions.
SET FIVE: Barbell Push Press, 25 repetitions > Barbell Upright Row, 20 repetitions > Front Plate Raises, 15 repetitions > Side Lateral Raises, 10 repetitions > Face Pulls, 15 repetitions.

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