Intensity Amplifier: Shoulder Stack Progression

Shoulder stack_rotator

Strength, power and functionality aside, the shoulders are great muscle group to focus on when trying to create the illusion of being bigger than you actual are. The only problem is, just like other muscle groups, sometimes they can lag behind your other muscle groups. So if you’re trying to look big without packing on the pounds, give this specialized shoulder intensifier out.

Y Press

There are many shoulder variations that can help you reach the ultimate “boulder shoulder” status. Here is a quick exercise that you might not be doing that can help you achieve that goal.

Routine Goal:

The goal of this exercise is to mix up your shoulder routine and get away from raises and traditional shoulder presses. This is also a great exercise for people with shoulder pain or shoulder injuries.

Routine Notes:

  1. This exercise can be utilized during your workout, as a superset, or as a finisher.
  2. Avoid going too heavy and keep rep ranges around 12-15.
  3. Start from the traditional shoulder press position. Raise the dumbbells in a 45-degree angle so you form the letter Y.

Routine Structure: As a finisher

  1. 12 reps w/15 seconds of rest
  2. 11 reps w/15 seconds of rest
  3. 10 reps w/15 seconds of rest
  4. 9 reps w/15 seconds of rest
  5. 8 reps w/15 seconds of rest
  6. 7 reps w/15 seconds of rest
  7. 6 reps w/15 seconds of rest
  8. 5 reps w/15 seconds of rest
  9. 4 reps w/15 seconds of rest
  10. 3 reps w/15 seconds of rest
  11. 2 reps w/15 seconds of rest
  12. 1 rep w/15 seconds of rest

About the Trainer: Dave Dreas

Dave Dreas is a fitness personality located in Scottsdale, AZ. He is an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, a Certified Nutrition Specialist and currently trains hundreds of clients to live a more fit, healthier lifestyle. For more on Dave you can follow him on his Facebook Page.

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