Is Canada’s New Prime Minister the Fittest World Leader?

Justin Trudeau might be the fittest world leader.
Justin Trudeau might be the fittest world leader.Carlos Osorio / Toronto Star / GETTY

Justin Trudeau is making headlines as the first liberal prime minister in Canada in nearly a decade, but you may not know that when he takes office, he'll become one of the fittest leaders in the world. While it's not hard to be healthier than most doughy politicians, Trudeau put on an impressive display of his fitness and skills in the boxing ring just three years ago.


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In 2012, as a Member of Parliament, he took on conservative Canadian Senator Patrick Brazeau in a three-round match for charity. The heavier Brazeau, was a 3-1 favorite in Canadian media thanks to his military and martial arts background. But Trudeau, with his longer reach and greater stamina, claimed a technical knock out in the third round (watch it below).

It wasn't a fluke, either. Trudeau has trained with boxing workouts for years and was even taking in weekly sessions during the recent campaign. He takes staying in fighting shape seriously, even if that means fitting a sparring session in the same day as one of this year's political debates leading up to the election — which he frequently did.

"Obviously, there is going to be a bit of an exchange tonight," Trudeau told reporters from a boxing ring on the day of a recent debate. "But as I always say, 'Boxing is as much about receiving hits as giving them.'" 

Canada doesn't have the market on fit politicians cornered, though; the U.S. has some notably fit political leaders as well. Take, for example, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, a P90X aficionado who works out six days a week and leads a physical fitness class on Capital Hill. There's also New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who is a boxer with his own exercise room in his home. 

Our top office puts in an effort, but can't quite stack up to Trudeau. President Barack Obama's basketball games have fallen off late in his presidency, and his strength sessions have been unimpressive. Former President George W. Bush, though he wouldn't be fit for a boxing match, notably ran six days a week while in office and clocked a 3:44 marathon

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