It’s Better to Be Fat Than Lazy

Main obesity beats inactivity

A new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Exercise may make you reconsider taking the elevator over the stairs. 

When researchers at the University of Cambridge analyzed weight, waist circumference, and activity levels of 334,161 Europeans over the course of 12 years, they found of the 21,438 deaths during that time period, twice as many were accredited to inactivity compared with obesity.

Integrating physical activity in your routine is as simple as walking, which you can do just about anywhere. Researchers suggest that taking a 20-minute stroll every day can decrease chance of an earlier death by 16-30%.

Smithsonian reports, “If all inactive people did that little bit of exercise, deaths across the board would be theoretically be reduced by 7.35 percent.”

We suggest you get off the couch right about now.

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