The Unbreakable Moment Series: It’s Not About Weight Loss. It’s About “Why?”

Jay Cardiello
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Jay Cardiello stops amid the bustle of a crowded Manhattan avenue and glances at the G-SHOCK Power Trainer on his wrist. He’s heading to pick up his son from school, but he’s taken the time to talk with us about his passion for fitness. Cardiello never expected to be here, in Manhattan, chattering about discipline and self-awareness. He had plans to be a lawyer. But a debilitating back injury changed all that.

In 1996, as a long jumper for the University of Arkansas’ national championship track-and-field team, Jay “landed wrong,” as he puts it. That wrong landing cracked his tailbone almost in half. He was put in a full body cast—and given a lot of time to think.

Two decades and sixteen surgeries later, Cardiello’s ideas about wellness have brought him to the peak of physical conditioning, transforming him into one of the most highly respected fitness gurus in the world—a trainer to Fortune 500 CEOs, heavyweight champions, and celebrities like 50 Cent and Jennifer Lopez.

Photograph by Francis-King Nnamani Courtesy image

A Sustainable Outcome

On his wrist, Cardiello wears the G-SHOCK GBD800 Power Trainer. A watch like this can do wonders, he says, for people who want to make a change in their lives, to achieve a sustainable outcome.

“The watch is a commitment, a way of maintaining discipline,” Cardiello says. “When you feel out of control, you quit. The watch can help. It’s an indication of your promise—a perpetual reminder you can wear—that acts as a disruptor for negative patterns and thoughts.”

Photograph by Francis-King Nnamani Courtesy image

Cardiello pauses to let an ambulance scream past; the energy in his voice—in his entire being—is palpable.

“We often wake up feeling stressed about the day to come,” Cardiello says. “And at night, we’re stressed about what we meant to do, what we didn’t get done. The G-SHOCK can help. You can set it to disrupt you during those thought patterns.”

The workout timer works the same way, by tracking up to five intervals. And it has an updated digital display of three different rows to easily track fitness progress. What’s more, the watch connects to a smartphone via the G-SHOCK app, allowing Cardiello to access and manipulate the watch from his phone.

“This watch is your life vest,” he explains. “A reminder to keep swimming.”

Courtesy G-Shock

Finding Your “Pull Factor”

Cardiello doesn’t think of himself as a trainer. Instead, fitness is the final element in a multi-step process he guides clients through.

“I always begin with sleep. Then we reduce work and life stress, and after that, we work on emotional stress. Then we address nutrition, and only then do we finally start talking about fitness.”

Jay Cardiello
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He uses the G-SHOCK to make fitness an organic part of his existence. The three-axis accelerometer tracks his steps through the city, and he regularly checks his progress over the past few hours. The daily alarms and full auto-calendar allow him to fold his fitness into his packed schedule, and the watch has memory for up to 200 lap records—a life-saver for a man who earns his living training fitness enthusiasts.

Even the sight of the G-SHOCK on his wrist helps Cardiello remain focused, by acting as a pull factor. A pull factor? He’s glad we asked.

Jay Cardiello
Courtesy image

“A goal is a push factor, and that’s good, too,” he says. “But what you really need is something pulling you toward success, a constant reminder of why you’re doing this.”

A pull factor, he explains, can be anything: a photograph or a letter from your partner—or a G-SHOCK watch.

And then he’s gone, weaving through the crowded Manhattan crowds, leaving us feeling energized—and inspired.

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