Jack Your Forearms


Every guy wants bigger forearms. But not every guy has time to do a slew of exercises to pump them up, especially if he’s trying to build the rest of his body. here are three strategies for doing more forearm training without detracting from the rest of your workout. Lose the Straps Make your forearm and grip muscles do their own gripping and holding, especially on the deadlift. It will greatly increase how hard you’re working those areas. Reverse Your Curls Replace barbell curls in your workouts with the reverse curl. Use an overhand grip, placing your thumb on the same side as your fingers, and curl. This hand position puts more emphasis on your brachioradialis, the long pointed muscle on the top of your forearm. Row to Death When doing dumbbell rows, blitz your last set, doing as many reps as possible. Use a weight that’s hard to do for a few strict reps and cheat it up for 20 to 30. This will hit your back hard and blow up your forearms like balloons as you struggle to hold onto the weight and control it.

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