Jacked Referee Clete Blakeman Is the Real MVP of Super Bowl 50

Jacked Referee Clete Blakeman Is the Real MVP of Super Bowl 50

For the record: We’re not calling him “hot.”

But Clete Blakeman, the Nebraska attorney who served as head referee during Super Bowl 50, is the perfect example of why fitness is a year-round endeavor: You just never know when your part-time gig might put you on TV in front of 100 million people, many of whom instantly fall in love with your impeccable physique. Thus: The #HotRef hashtag is born.



Yeah, Clete: We weren’t the only ones who noticed your biceps.




Before Peyton Manning and co. even hoisted the Vince Lombardi trophy, some enterprising soul had even created a faux Twitter account for Mr. Blakeman, Esq. The handle isn’t exactly imaginative, but we’ll give ’em points for timing. (Conspiracy theory alert: What if it was Blakeman all along, who just managed to type out those tweets in between re-setting the chains or whatever?!)




Blakeman (the real one) is no newcomer to the gridiron. He played backup quarterback behind Tommie Frazier, an All-American under center for Nebraska, and earned plaudits from his former teammates and coaches (including the legendary Tom Osborne) for his time as a Cornhusker.


And contrary to what his fake Twitter bio suggests, the real Blakeman is (probably) married, seeing as his (presumably real) Twitter page features a photo of him with (lovely people we’re assuming are) his family.

So good on you, Clete, for being ripped at the right time and reminding America that the dad bod is nothing to aspire to. And yes, the vertical stripes make you look great.

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