Jake Steinfeld’s Tips for Achieving Any Fitness Dream


1) Find the right fitness goal

“If you quit working out, you haven’t found what’s right for yourself yet. Trust me: You’ve done something physical in your life that you enjoy, aside from eating chocolate cake—find it.”

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2) Give yourself a visible reminder

“For example, take a pair of pants you want to fit into and put them by your mirror. Seeing them every day should begin to inspire you to take the steps necessary to slim down.”

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3) Make changes gradually

“Slower is better. You don’t want to cut out pasta and start doing squats right away. So take one day a week to eat whatever you want, and make workouts fun.”

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4) Don’t let loved ones stop you

”Sometimes the people closest to you seem the most negative—maybe they’re afraid if you succeed, there won’t be enough success for them, or they don’t want to see you hurt. But if you want to do something, just take the shot—win or lose, you have to try.”

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5) Don’t let failure stop you

”I was cut from my eighth-grade basketball team. This girl I knew gave me a poem that said, “Stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit/It’s when things seem worst that you must not quit.’ That became my motto—‘Don’t quit!’ I even trademarked the phrase in 1981.”

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6) Don’t stop yourself!

“Here’s how it goes: You come up with a great idea, then go to bed. The next morning, you have 25 reasons you can’t do it—you’ve stopped yourself. Go do it anyway. You might fail, but failure isn’t death; it’s an opportunity. If I get told, ‘No,’ that’s halfway to ‘Yes!’ ”

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