What Works for Me: Jamie Foxx on Training, Nutrition, and Staying Fit at 50

Jamie Foxx
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Actor Jamie Foxx is one of the hardest-working guys in Hollywood. Between starring in big-budget films, hosting TV shows, interviewing superstars like Denzel Washington and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on the Grey Goose-produced digital series Off Script (you can watch all of Foxx’s interviews here)and releasing No. 1 albums, you might wonder: How does Jamie Foxx get it all done? To find out, we went straight to the source.

Jamie Foxx on Off Script

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Foxx spoke with Men’s Journal about how he trains to stay fit, what he eats to stay healthy, and how he juggles it all every day.

Family Workouts

“There’s this place called Sports Academy, right around the corner from my house,” Foxx said. “It’s the greatest place in the world to train. It has nine basketball courts, NBA players train there, the rookie Trae Young was there when I was. It has everything you need for training and working out. They have volleyball, they have baseball, and they have some great trainers. Going there is a great way to decompress and get in a workout. I’m 50 years old, they got me touching the the basketball rim. I can jump up and touch it. I bring the whole family there and we can all enjoy it. That’s literally how we decompress. They have a computer room for the kids, so when we get there I’ll say, ‘Y’all we gotta work out first.’ And they work out for two minutes and then they sneak up and they’re playing Fortnite. But it’s great to go together, and it helps me get in my training.”

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All About the Band Work

“One of the most effective things for me is working out with bands,” Foxx said. “I’ll take the bands and strap that over my knees. I’ll do about 20 to 25 squats with the band. Then I drop the band to my ankle and do lunges to the side 15 times, right 15 times, left 15 times, forward 15 times, back 15 times, and then about 20 semi-circles with my feet. After that, I’ll lay lay down on the ground, and do the bridge exercise move about 50 times. When you do that routine, it gets everything going and gets you ready for what’s next. The bands are key for me.”

Resistance band main

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Pulling and Pushing

“If you don’t want a trainer, the best thing in the world is a pull-up bar that you can put on any place you go,” Foxx said. “If you slowly work your way up to 60 pullups a day, however long it takes you to get there, you’ll immediately start seeing the changes. You’ll feel it all over your body. I also use the pushup handles and one of those ab rollers that I’ll use whenever I can. But seriously, you get that pullup bar working for you, it improves everything.”

Here’s a look at Foxx getting things done for this episode of Off Script with Denzel Washington:


Don’t Overlook the Back Workouts

“One thing I’ve learned as you get older, is that you need to concentrate on back strength,” Foxx said. “Because, what happens is, you’re working and pushing on all your other muscles, your legs, arms, whatever, and the back is what goes for you first. So you want to keep your back and glutes strong because that’s where a lot of the strength comes from. The back extensions are gonna save you a lot of trouble and keep your hamstrings right, too. Because once the hammies start to go, it strains on the back. I’m learning all this now, because I went through the part where I thought, ‘Oh man, I’m about to be the old man with back issues.’ But if you keep the hamstrings strong, it keeps the back strong. So you have to stretch and loosen up your hammies as you get older. You’ll be surprised how easy it is. It’s just a matter of making sure you just do it. Make it become routine.”

Dumbbell row

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Eat Right, Don’t Fast, and Snack Smart

“If anybody tells you to fast or not eat, it’s the worst thing you do,” Foxx said. “For me, it’s about eating right. You just have to eat smart and put the right things in your body. You can eat anytime you want to, as long as you are doing the right things. Sometimes it’s just literally kale and spinach, or sometimes the crispy spinach or fruit for a snack. What I do every single day for breakfast is I eat egg whites, turkey sausage, and turkey bacon. I’ll have one piece of toast, and you can have a teaspoon of jelly. You can either have the jelly and water with a little Crystal Light in it, or you can switch out and say, ‘I won’t have the jelly’ and have a glass of orange juice instead. You can switch things to balance what you do. Stay on your fish and good proteins like that. You can cheat, as long as you balance it with good stuff.”

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