Jason Momoa on ‘Game of Thrones’ Final Season: ‘It’s Going to Be the Greatest Thing Ever Aired on TV’

Jason Momoa Game of Thrones
As Khal Drogo, with Emilia Clarke, in Game of Thrones.Courtesy of HBO / Game of Thrones

Although he doesn’t star on the show anymore, Jason Momoa still has some sway among the Game of Thrones crew.

The Aquaman and Justice League actor got the chance to hang out on the set as the series worked on its final season, and he revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly a bit about what he saw.

While he didn’t get into spoiler territory—HBO would lock him up if he divulged the biggest secrets in TV right now—Momoa teased what fans should expect from the eighth and final season of the hit series.

“Just knowing how amazing this season is going to be,” Momoa told EW.com. “It’s going to be the greatest thing that’s ever aired on TV. It’s going to be unbelievable. It’s going to f— up a lot of people. And it was a bummer because I’m a huge fan and I didn’t want to know what’s going on. I was like, ‘Damn, I didn’t want to know that!’”

While some fans have jumped on the fact that Momoa was on set as a possible hint that his character, Khal Drogo, will be back, Momoa downplayed any significance.

“I haven’t been over there in a long time,” said Momoa. “You just want to see your friends and you end up making headlines going, ‘Drogo’s back!’ and I’m like, ‘He’s dead! He can’t come back, it wouldn’t work.’”

Here are some other highlights from Momoa’s interview:

On his favorite Game of Thrones season/episodes besides his own season:

Momoa had some love for Season 7, Episode 4, “The Spoils of War,” which made our list of the most explosive, epic battles in the history of the series.

“All last season I was jumping around like an idiot,” Momoa says. “Seeing the Dothraki riding over the hill, going into battle, surfing their horses, it was unbelievable. It was such a cool scene. It’s also a bummer moment: Why couldn’t [Drogo] have died there! I could have died in battle. We never got to see Drogo going into battle.”

Momoa also had some love for Season 7, Episode 6, “Beyond the Wall,” which saw Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and his badass buddies venture North to kidnap an undead soldier.

“Seeing [Jon Snow and his companions] on that [frozen lake] island, white walkers all around, and the dragon turns into a White Walker…” Momoa said. “You’re just like: What? Now I have to wait a year and a half?”

On who he was most excited to meet on the set:

“I’ve always wanted to meet Kristofer Hivju,” who plays Tormund Giantsbane, Momoa said. “He’s just awesome.”

Game of Thrones Season 8 is expected to air in late 2018, or (most likely) 2019.

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