Is Jason Segel Believable As a Personal Trainer?

Is Jason Segel Believable As a Personal Trainer?

Who remembers Jason Segel’s character from Knocked Up? Yeah, that’s okay. He wasn’t all that memorable, aside from a maybe-marginally-funny pinkeye scene and a slightly inappropriate crush on Alison’s (played by Katherine Heigl) older sister, Debbie.

But there’s a new Judd Apatow movie on-deck, which we guess you’d describe as a spin-off to Knocked Up. It focuses on Debbie (Leslie Mann) and her sorta-shithead husband, Pete (Paul Rudd)—and Segel’s character is back as well, having evolved into a personal trainer with a newly minted “Body By Jason” business. Yes. For real. Are you excited yet?

Check out this on-set featurette video, released by the studio this week, to see Jason in action. (Personally, we started laughing out loud right around 1:56. “Everything you need is inside of you!” Just watch. You’ll see.)

This is 40 hits theaters December 21.

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