Jason Statham Will Straight-Up Fight a Giant Shark in the New Movie ‘Meg’


Jason Statham has battled with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars throughout his career, but for his next movie, he’ll take on one of mankind’s scariest foes: a gigantic, prehistoric shark.

Dubbed Meg, the movie will pit the monstrous sea creature against the multifaceted star of the upcoming Fast 8. Statham is set to play Jonas Taylor, an expert U.S Navy deep sea diver who is thrust into action after an international undersea observation vessel is attacked by a 70-foot sea creature: the Megalodon (hence the movie’s name). One of the largest predators in the history of the world, the giant shark was long thought to be extinct, but (in the movie, anyway) could still be swimming around the ocean.

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Of course, it’s up to Statham to save the ocean and the crew from the creature.

In the first photo from the film’s production, Statham is looking sea captainly in a turtleneck (like all good sea adventurers do), alongside Chinese actress and singer Li Bingbing, who plays the daughter of the oceanographer leading the program:


The film is based on Steve Alten’s 1997 book Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror, the first in a series of novels centered on Taylor’s character. (Can you say “sequel”?) The movie transplants the location from California to China, though, so there’s a chance this could be (another) big franchise for Statham after The Transporter, The Fast and Furious series, and The Expendables—especially if it does well internationally.

There’s no word on whether Statham will get to punch the huge shark in the face, but based on his past work, chances are he’ll get up close and personal with the predator. Oh, and speaking of giant undersea monsters: Meg is slated for a premiere on March 2, 2018—less than a month after Pacific Rim 2, which is set for February 23, 2018.

Let’s hope John Boyega clears out the Mariana Trench before Statham gets down there, or else Meg might turn into Giant Effing Monsters vs. Giant Effing Shark vs. Jason Statham’s Giant Effing Jawline.

Meg, starring Statham, Li, John Wick 2 actress Ruby Rose, Rainn Wilson (aka Dwight from The Office), and Cliff Curtis, is being directed by Jon Turteltaub.

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