Jason Statham’s Craziest On-Screen Moments

Jason Statham has a new movie out this weekend, which means somebody is going to get kicked in the head. Repeatedly. Called “The Mechanic,” the film is a loose remake of a 1972 Charles Bronson flick about a hitman teaching the ins and outs of the assassination game to the son of a fallen associate. With Statham in the lead role, expect more snapped limbs and exploding heads than a Chuck Norris film festival.

To whet your appetite for this latest throat-punching opus, here’s a quick rundown of three of Jason Statham’s craziest onscreen moments.


The 2006 film “Crank” never attempts to take itself too seriously, so fans shouldn’t have been surprised when Statham

starring as Chev Chelios, a man who has to keep his heart rate up or he will die

a gun-wielding villain by chopping off his hand with a meat cleaver.
But when he then picked up the dismembered hand–still clutching the gun

and used it to shoot the bad guy, audiences couldn’t help but be a little shocked.

stathamdrive.jpgTransporter 2

The entire “Transporter” series is completely nuts, but the manic trilogy may have hit its insanity peak towards the end of the second film. Starring as the world’s greatest chauffeur, Jason Statham is desperately trying to remove a bomb from the undercarriage of his Audi. His solution? Careen the car off the end of a dock, flip it upside down and knock the bomb off by smacking it into the dangling hook of a well-placed crane. If that wasn’t enough, Statham somehow maneuvers the car back onto its wheels and lands perfectly on a dirt road that was nowhere near the waterway in the first place.

stathamhv.jpgCrank: High Voltage

If the original “Crank” didn’t take itself too seriously, then “Crank:High Voltage” laughs at the idea of seriousness and then kicks it in the pancreas. This time, Statham’s character has his heart removed and must continually electrocute himself to stay alive. Although 4 out of 5 doctors would not recommend this method, it keeps the tough guy going all the way until his final showdown with a mobster named El Hurón. Now in need of some serious juice, Statham scales a telephone pole, grabs hold of some power lines and blasts himself so full of voltage that he bursts into flames. Now on fire, he proceeds to punch his mortal enemy to death before embracing a woman to the strains of REO Speedwagon. It doesn’t get much crazier than that.

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