Jeffrey Donovan’s Burn Body Workout

Jeffrey Donovan’s Burn Body Workout

“Long and lean” is Burn Notice star Jeffrey Donovan’s trainer Matt Aquino’s goal for this metabolic strength-training strategy. The simple 30-minute routine requires no weights but will deliver noticeable results when performed three to four times a week.

Hot To Do It:
Aquino recommends immediately moving from one exercise to the next, taking as little rest as necessary in order to keep your heart rate up and burn the most fat. Make sure all reps are slow and controlled so you develop maximum muscle control and coordination (ideal for beginners).

The Exercises:

  • 20 Pushups
  • 5 Inside grip pullups
  • 20 Diamond pushups
  • 20 Resistance-band curls
  • 20 Reverse lunges
  • 5 Inside grip pullups
  • 3 Minutes of shadow-boxing
  • 30 Abdominal scissor kicks
  • 30 Abdominal flutter kicks
  • 15 Abdominal V-ups

Inside Tips:
If you can’t do 20 straight pushups, try doing them with your knees on the floor or on an elevated surface (such as with your hands on a bench).

The close-grip pullups should be done with hands inside shoulder-width. If you can’t do five, loop an elastic exercise band around the bar and rest your knees on it to help unload some of your body weight.

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