Joe Manganiello Is the Reason You Should Watch This Trailer for ‘Pee-wee’s Big Holiday’



Pee-wee’s Big Holiday might not be the first movie on your “Netflix and chill” list, there’s still a reason to see it—and he’s on the cover of Men’s Fitness this month.

Joe Manganiello, our April 2016 cover guy, brings a little of his signature badassery to Pee-wee’s slaphappy world. If he seems out of place, that’s because he is. But Manganiello is reportedly a huge fan of Pee-wee, and he jumped onboard the movie before he’d even read the script.

Is there any way for that guy to seem less cool? Didn’t think so.

Catch Pee-wee’s Big Holiday, starring Paul Reubens in the title role, on Netflix when it streams on March 18.

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