John Boyega Rips the Shred to Get Stormtrooper Strong

'Star Wars' star John Boyega hits the gym.

Everyone needs to have a mobility day, even FN2187—better known as Finn, the First Order Stormtrooper-turned-Resistance fighter played by John Boyega in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The actor went suns-out-guns-out to do some work with an empty barbell on his Instagram feed.


It’s hard to say what exercise he’s doing here, but we’re guessing barbell bicep curls—a classic get-jacked-for-the-movies lift. But note also that he’s not lifting too heavy—a great way to maintain proper form and lower his risk of injury.

It’s also something Finn might need when in case he dukes it out again with Kylo Ren.


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