John Cena’s Fans Surprise Him in Tear-jerking Reaction Video

John Cena Receives "Life Changer" Trophy
Cricket Wireless/YouTube

Countless WWE fans consider John Cena to be one of their heroes, and he’s proved that he’s more than deserving of the honor.

In a downright tear-jerking video released yesterday by Cricket Wireless, Cena reacted to thank-you notes from some of the many fans who were inspired by his drive and by his famous message to “never give up”.

But there’s a twist: Cena, who has a knack for surprising his fans, had no idea that the fans whose letters he was reading were in another room listening to him as he read the notes.

The last note was from a child, Tyler Schweer, whom Cena gave a wristband to at a WWE event. When Schweer’s mother had breast cancer and had to go through a six-hour surgery, he gave the wristband to her and told her to never give up. Now, she’s cancer-free.

Schweer and his mother, along with the rest of the fans who wrote notes to Cena, surprised him one at a time to thank him in person for the inspiration that got them through difficult times. To thank him for changing their lives, they presented him with a “Life Changer” trophy.

Watch the full video below, and try not to get all choked up.

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