You Can Get an Apple Watch Series 3 for $25—if You Exercise Enough

 Courtesy of Apple

Life Insurance purveyor John Hancock really does not want you to die. Which makes sense, because the longer you keep ticking, the more money you give the company and the longer it has to wait to pay off your loved ones when you bite it.

It’s so motivated to keep you around, as reported by CNBC, the company wants to give you a new Apple Watch Series 3 for just $25—$275 less than the cheapest model. Of course, there is a catch. When you sign up for the program, dubbed Vitality, you agree to work out a certain amount each month for two years. Miss the commitment and you’ll be charged the full sticker price of the watch.

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It’s unclear exactly how much exercise you actually need to do in order to earn the device, though John Hancock’s website claims you need to achieve at least “500 Vitality points” over the 24 months.

The Series 3 is available for pre-order on November 6 (check out our review, here). The question is: Do you mind if a massive financial conglomerate tracks your exercise habits? If not, and if you need some life insurance, this is on helluva deal.