The Jon Jones Pool Workout

Jon jones pool workout main

As much as strength and power are essential attributes for any fighter, stamina is a big part of surviving five rounds in the Octagon. UFC light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones takes to the pool for much of us anaerobic work. “He loves the pool,” trainer Brandon Gibson said.

Because mixed martial arts incorporates explosive moments, many of Jones’ pool sessions include sprints with high-intensity. Before Jones’ match against Glover Teixeira this Saturday at UFC 172, Gibson gave Men’s Fitness a sample a typical-Jones pool workout:

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200-yard swim

200-yard kick set (holding pool buoy with arms)

200-yard pull set (holding pool buoy with legs)

Sprint Workout:

8 x25-meter freestyle sprint

*At one end of the pool, hold a plank for 30 seconds. At the other end, perform 20 pushups. 

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