Juicing’s Next Step

Mj 618_348_juicings next step pressed milk

In 2012, we became, once and for all, a nation of juicers. So what’s the next frontier, the logical extension of juicing? Our bet’s on specialized “milk presses” doing for the almond and its cousins what’s been done, ad infinitum, to kale and its leafy pals. Small-batch companies like oMilk and Fresh Till Death are getting in on the game in New York, but out west, Amanda Chantal Bacon, a former ‘Los Angeles Times Magazine’ food editor and Lucques line cook, is taking the concept further, turning out not only pressed nut milk but treating it, much as vegetables, to kitchen alchemy.

Moon Juice, her Venice storefront, does peddle the green stuff, with hippie-glam variants like Fennel, Frond & Herb and Burdock Daikon Citrine, but we’re particularly enamored of the Golden Milk, a deep yellow, kicky concoction that takes full advantage of the anti-inflammatory, bone- and muscle-building, and liver-detoxing power of turmeric. And not just any turmeric. Moon Juice uses only cold-pressed fresh organic turmeric root, rather than the dusky powder of your languishing spice drawer, in combination with cinnamon, cardamom, a spot of raw wildflower honey, and unpasteurized, sprouted almond milk. (Shopgirl Megan revealed that 2 oz. of pressed turmeric juice goes into each 16 oz. bottle.)

At the Moon Milk bar, Angelenos can customize their own milk using the “alkalinized, mineralized, oxygenated” raw almond base. For the rest of us, Moon Juice delivers, shipping up to three days’ worth of “living” juice or milk to ensure that the bottles arrive on your doorstep with the highest concentration of enzymes, vitamins, and minerals intact, in their perfect, un-denatured states. Given turmeric’s win-win appeal (beyond its credentials as a hard-living recovery aid, the antioxidant-rich spice has been used to treat depression, fight cancer, heal skin ailments, and manage weight), we think the aggressive but gentle Golden Milk may be the best thing the milkman delivers. [$10 per bottle, moonjuiceshop.com]

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