Jump Like a Boxer


Boxers jump rope for a reason. It’s one of the most effective stamina-building activities around. But it can also be frustrating. That’s why we put together a program to help you sharpen your skills, no matter how uncoordinated you may be.

How to do It
Do one jump. That’s it. Next, do two sets of two jumps. Then three sets of three. Continue this progression until you can skip for 10 sets of 10, or you’ve gone for 15 to 20 minutes. Whenever you miss a jump, go back and repeat the previous level. Do this workout four times a week. If you do it right, you will be skipping rope like a boxer for three-minute rounds ina week or two.

The Rules

  • Only jump high enough to clear the rope.
  • Keep your knees soft as you jump. Land on the balls of your feet.
  • Use your wrists, not your whole arm, to control the rope.
  • Begin your jump when the rope is just above eye level.
  • Let the rope brush the floor lightly.