Juniper Ridge Yuba River Backpacker’s Cologne: Best Colognes for Fall


Juniper Ridge is unique in the scent world in that it maintains a vintner-like obsession with terroir, or the land and environment where its ingredients are grown. Thus, its newest release, Yuba River Backpacker’s Cologne, one of four limited-edition colognes in the Backpacker line, is an encapsulation of San Juan Ridge near the Yuba River in Tahoe National Forest, where a blooms of coyote mint, prunella, and yampah flowers were picked alongside incense cedar slash-piles (courtesy of the California Department of Fire, which would otherwise burn them). Using nothing more than a campfire and a vintage whiskey still, Juniper brews up its special scent aimed at the dyed-in-the-wool outdoorsman. [$100 for 2 oz;]