Kevin Durant’s Tips to Staying Focused and Healthy on the Road


No matter how dedicated you are to staying fit, any type of travel can present a challenge to staying in shape. As a world-class athlete, I spend much of the year on the road with a packed, sometimes grueling schedule, but I’ve learned to stay focused and healthy. Here are some tips I’d like to share:

Stretch the Day

To dominate on the court, I have to make sure my body is always functioning right. Stretching out before and after my workouts and games is one of the keys to this. I find my muscles fire better and more efficiently if I am taking proper care of them.

MF Suggests: A minimum of 5-10 minutes of foam rolling and dynamic stretches before workouts and 5-10 minutes of foam rolling and static stretches after a workout.

Eating Right: A Morning Must

To keep my diet on track while I’m on the road for games, I start my day off with a good, healthy breakfast. This is a part of my nutrition plan that helps me perform at my best for a full day of training, practices or games.

MF Suggests: A lean source of protein coupled with a small portion of complex carbohydrates and 8-12 oz. of water within 30-minutes of waking up.

Choose Wisely

When I’m in Oklahoma City during the season, I use a chef/nutritionist that helps me maintain a properly balanced diet at home. Staying in a perfect rhythm there can get a little tougher on the road. So, I find it’s important to make smart choices whether I am eating out or grabbing a meal on the go.

MF Suggests: Prepare your meals the day before so you’re not scrambling around and sacrificing your nutrition with on-the-go or fast foods.

Share Your Ideas and Stay Connected

I’ve discovered a new GE App on Facebook called HealthyShare, which makes it easy for family, friends and fellow athletes to share health and fitness information online. Being a part of a healthy “community” is a good thing for us all.

MF Suggests: Get into a regular routine of posting, sharing and encouraging others. It will help keep you motivated and hold you accountable.