Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson Hit the Jungle in First ‘Jumanji’ Photo

Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson Hit the Jungle in First ‘Jumanji’ Photo

Kevin Hart and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson are ready for an adventure.

The two megastars have started shooting on the Jumanji sequel in Hawaii, and they certainly look the part, decked out in expedition-style costumes in the middle of a lush jungle.

UPDATE: Thanks to an Instagram post from Johnson, we now know the names of the characters, too.

Johnson, looking as jacked as ever, will play the exceptionally named Dr. Smolder Bravestone (“’cause well.. he smolders,” Johnson wrote), while Hart, the cover star of the new October issue of Men’s Fitness, will likely play the comic foil to Johnson as Moose Finbar in his oversized hat and Boy Scout-esque safari outfit. Sci-fi hottie Karen Gillan, who starred in both Dr. Who and Guardians of the Galaxy, is playing a Lara Croft-type adventurer named Ruby Roundhouse, while Black appears to be supporting the team as Professor Shelly Oberon, a Victorian oddball naturalist of some kind.

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Hart and Johnson are back in action together for the first time since appearing in Central Intelligence earlier this summer, a box-office hit that cemented them as one of the best onscreen comedic combinations in recent memory—so it’s no wonder Jumanji will try to strike some sparks off their combination again. Johnson has described the film as a “continuation” of the Jumanji story, and one that will honor the original.


Hart got himself in prime shape for this role, and he gave Men’s Fitness a detailed look at the training that he used to do it.

The funnyman is simply dominating the entertainment world right now. The movie about his sold-out stand-up special, Kevin Hart: What Now?, hits theaters October 14; he he’s also lining up a Comedy Central TV show, Kevin Hart Presents: Hart of the City, which will follow the comedian as he checks out stand-up scenes around the country. (Also: He just broke the internet with his “Kevmoji” app.)

So yeah: We’ve already predicted five reasons why the movie will be so badass, and this picture is another bit of evidence that the sequel to the beloved Robin Williams-led 1995 original will blend action, comedy, and adventure.

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Jumanji, directed by Jake Kasdan and starring Hart, Johnson, Black, Gillan, and Nick Jonas, will hit theaters on July 28, 2017.

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