Actor Kevin Hart slamming battle ropes
Brian Bowen Smith

25 Times Kevin Hart Hustled Harder Than Anyone With His Instagram Workouts

Kevin Hart might be the biggest comedian in the world right now, but his commitment to staying in shape is no joke. At age 42, Hart finds himself in the best shape of his life. Credit a wild work ethic—and longtime personal trainer Ron “Boss” Everline: “Kevin’s schedule is crazy, but physical fitness is his anchor,” says Everline. “No matter what happens, no matter what’s going on, the gym is our sanctuary.”

The pair can be found in that sanctuary six days a week for about an hour of hard work per session. Thirty minutes of warmup include plenty of goofing around—which Hart frequently posts on Instagram.

“We’re not bodybuilders, but we make progress with heavier weight on the bar or bigger dumbbells,” adds Everline. “We love snatches and isometric holds like planks that help build a foundation. Plus, we do a lot of unilateral stuff—working a dumbbell one arm at a time, which improves balance.”

Hart enjoys early morning workouts and posting his progress on social media. Here are 25 times Kevin Hart hustled harder than everyone else in the gym:

25. Hart loves nothing more than getting in a good run:

24. Hart bangs out some moves for the “pullup challenge” and gets it done with ease:

23. Hart gets his shredded six-pack by getting workouts in on his lunch break:

22. Hart busts out a barbell, some dumbbells, and a plate for a full-body workout:

21. Hart gets some workout inspiration on the bench press from Steelers linebacker James Harrison (see 30 times the NFL star crushed massive weight in the gym):

20. Hart never takes off—his lunch break is the perfect time for a workout:

19. Hart sharpens up his fighting skills with a boxing workout:

18. With a little resistance behind him, Hart gets in some med ball slams in the gym:

17. Hart and wife Eniko Parrish get together for a big sled workout:

16. Hart pumps things up on the bench:

15. Hart and Parrish sit down for a dumbbell workout:

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14. NFL star Ndamukong Suh adds some extra weight to the sled as Hart gets a workout in:

13. Hart gets his hustle going with band workouts, situps, pullups, and dumbbell stepups:

12. Hart pumps his biceps with some barbell curls:

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11. Just like his good buddy Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Hart gets it going with a rope workout (Henry Cavill and Jason Momoa like them too):

10. Hart adds a twist to his dumbbell raises—and check out his shredded back and shoulders:

9. Even when he’s on set and working late, Hart is always training:

8. Hart flashes his ripped biceps as he does barbell curls with 90 pounds on each side:

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7. Hart gets in some barbell work and box jumps for this training session:

6. Hart works his core and hits his abs in this session:

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5. After Central Intelligence hits big at the box office, Hart goes for a big lift on the bench to celebrate:

4. Hart jumps from pushups to the bench and back in this workout:

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3. Hart gets a big lift going in his morning workout:

2. Hart gets things going with a back squat for this workout:

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1. Hart makes some personal progress with this lift on the bench:

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