Kevin Hart Talks Fitness and Specialized Underpants on ‘The Tonight Show’

Kevin Hart visits Jimmy Fallon on 'The Tonight Show'

Kevin Hart knows how to have fun on late-night TV.

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The comedian and Men’s Fitness cover star stopped by The Tonight Show and spoke to Jimmy Fallon while promoting his upcoming stand-up film, Kevin Hart: What Now. The ultra-fit actor spoke about his big commitment to staying in shape and why he really “embraces and endorses” a healthy lifestyle.

“You’re in incredible shape for a comedian—comedians aren’t usually jacked,” Fallon said flashing the shot of Hart’s huge arms on the cover of Men’s Fitness. “But this real. You’re jacked.”

“Looks like a baby’s thigh!” Hart said, to cheers from the audience. “That’s a baby’s leg right there. That’s a muscular baby’s leg. That baby’s been drinking a lot of creatine, is what that baby’s been doing.”

He also showed off another throwback “cover” of Hart on Runner’s World. The retro-styled anniversary issue of the magazine features Hart donning some wild old-school hairdos on the various covers:


“People who know me, man, really know that I’ve embraced and endorsed a healthy lifestyle,” Hart said sincerely. “It’s part of me. When I put my actions behind my words, it makes it so much more authentic. People have been responding.

Later in the conversation, Hart brought out Fallon a pair of Hart’s Tommy John underwear, showing off the specially-designed pockets on the undergarment. The comedian joked that he likes to use the pocket to keep track of his television remote—something we all lose from time to time.

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The conversation turned to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Hart’s co-star on Jumanji and the highest-paid actor in the world. Hart is the highest-paid comedian—and he makes more than the Rock, so he’s not doing too shabby himself—but he did find time to chide Johnson about his behavior on the set of the anticipated film, saying that Johnson gets driven everywhere. The funnyman did a spot-on impression of his co-star in a video on social media, showing Johnson buzzing by Hart in a car:


Hart and Fallon finished things off with a game of “Would You Rather,” where each has to guess what the audience would rather do. The options ranged from being trapped in Jurassic Park or The Hunger Games, to if they’d rather have a clone of yourself or a pet dog who can talk, and if they’d rather see into the future, read other people’s minds. Hart won, leaving Fallon to eat bugs, literally:

Hart’s film, Kevin Hart: What Now?, hits theaters on October 14.

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