‘King Arthur’ Star Charlie Hunnam Talks ‘James Bond’ Rumors and Germaphobia on ‘Conan’

Charlie Hunnam and Conan O'Brien
Team Coco/YouTube

Charlie Hunnam is having a pretty busy week by anyone’s standards. Even with King Arthur: Legend of the Sword hitting theaters nationwide on Friday, he still found time to appear on Conan on Thursday night.

Hunnam stars as King Arthur in Guy Ritchie’s adaptation of the classic tale, which features a cast of Hollywood heavy-hitters, including Jude Law, Djimon Honsou, Eric Bana, and Aiden Gillen. Hunnam’s starring role is a childhood dream come true for the Sons of Anarchy star. In fact, he told Conan O’Brien that the film Excalibur is what made him want to become an actor when he was just six or seven years old.

Hunnam also addressed rumors that he may be the next James Bond, and it seems that—at least for now—it’s a hard no (despite the fact that he is both British and looks “devilishy handsome” in a suit).

He also revealed to O’Brien that, although it may seem crazy, he actually hates kissing scenes. Hunnam is seriously germaphobic, and he let O’Brien in on his reasoning for the quirk in the video below.

Hunnam is known for being a total badass in Sons of Anarchy, but he needed to get into serious fighting shape for his role in King Arthur, and he apparently channeled everyone’s favorite Irish UFC fighter to do it. Hunnam told The Red Bulletin that he thought a lot about none other than Conor McGregor while he was playing Arthur.

When TMZ pressed him about the matter, Hunnam said that he doesn’t think his odds would be great if he were to fight “The Notorious.” He thinks he would be doing more “evading” than fighting, and that it would probably be over in seconds.

Check out the rest of the videos from Hunnam’s Conan appearance below.

Catch King Arthur: Legend of the Sword in theaters on May 12.

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