Laird Hamilton shares tips on healthy living

Exercising underwater creates tremendous benefits by challenging your body in ways you can't on dry land. #xpt

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At 51-years-old, surfer Laird Hamilton is in amazing shape. However, he said it’s important not to focus on age and instead focus on health.

“I think what happens is that we decide we’re old and we just stop, and everything stops working. There’s so much stigma and weirdness around being older,” Hamilton told The Los Angeles Times.

Another lifestyle choice that keeps him in great shape is his strict diet.

He hasn’t had any alcohol in nearly a decade.

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“As proof to myself that I had the willpower, I don’t do it. Bottom line: If you want your rocket to fly, you put rocket fuel in it,” he told the Times.

As part of his diet, he eats paleo, which means hardly any processed foods or grains. Instead, he mostly consumes veggies, meat and a few raw dairy products.

He also had a tip for surfers to increase their balance out of the water.

“To restore dexterity and balance after I’ve been in shoes too long… I warm up a couple days a week by standing with one foot on a golf ball. I roll it around, poke it, put weight into tender spots. It’s amazing how your system will be stimulated through working your feet,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton has used his knowledge for many different projects in the fitness arena, including Laird Superfoods, Laird Apparel and his Golf Board.

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