Learn Boxing Basics With Chris Hemsworth’s Centr App Trainer Michael Olajide Jr.

Get ready to fight. Boxing is one of the best all-around workouts you can do, giving you a combination of interval training, functional training, and total-body workouts. If you’ve been looking to add boxing to your training rotation, but haven’t found a way to get started, we have a way for you to get it going.

As part of Chris Hemsworth’s fitness and training app Centr, the actor has teamed up with boxing trainer Michael Olajide Jr., who boxed professionally for a decade and now has become a top boxing trainer. Olajide Jr. has worked with numerous athletes and celebrities over the years, including Hemsworth himself.

“I’ve trained athletes, actors, artists, models—boxing is one of the things that professional athletes do that you can do in your home,” Olajide Jr. says. “It’s the same level of intensity, and you’ll get the same benefits as well. From jumping rope to shadow boxing—there’s nothing extra needed.”

YouTuber Eric Conover linked up with Hemsworth after doing a 90-day challenge with the Centr app, and his video caught the attention of Hemsworth, who then invited Conover to do a workout together. Now, Conover got together with Hemsworth’s Centr boxing trainer to do a workout that you can put into your rotation.

This boxing workout is an example of what Centr can bring to your daily workouts, as the app has recently launched Centr 6, a new six-week workout program that is suited to your fitness level, whether it’s beginner or advanced. The idea is to do 6 exercises, 6 rounds, 6 days a week, for 6 weeks, with the workouts being centered around hitting a wide range of fitness goals, using only bodyweight exercises and dumbbells, and ranging from 20-25 minutes in length.

“Centr 6 follows the style of training that I’ve found to be most effective and enjoyable,” Hemsworth said about the new program. “These workouts at home, or when I travel, solo or with a group of mates, and they can all be done with minimal equipment in short amounts of time.”

Watch the full video for a look at the boxing workout and how you can incorporate it into your training.

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