Lee Haney Shares His Secrets to Fitness Longevity in New Book ‘Fit at Any Age’

'Fit at Any Age' by Lee Haney
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Legendary bodybuilder Lee Haney has a host of fitness accomplishments under his belt.

He won eight consecutive Mr. Olympia titles from 1984 to 1991—a number that ties him with Ronnie Coleman for most Olympia wins ever—and served as Chairman to the President’s Council on Fitness during the Clinton administration.

At 58, Haney still maintains a fit lifestyle and dedicates himself to helping others do the same. In his latest book, Fit at Any Age, he draws on 35 years of fitness experience to offer tips and strategies for people over 45 who want to stay fit and make gains without risking injury.

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“Train to stimulate, not annihilate,” is Haney’s famed training mantra, and it’s definitely worked for him so far. With his new book, he hopes to instill that way of thinking into aging fitness fanatics.

Fit at Any Age offers a comprehensive look at holistic health, including exercise and nutrition plans, motivation tips, and stress management tactics. In addition to the book, Haney offers online support tools for Fit ay Any Age readers at his website leehaney.com, including articles, an exercise library, and client-spotlight stories.

Fit at Any Age is available now in paperback through Amazon and Barnes & Noble; the ebook is available through Kindle, Nook, and Kobo. Autographed copies are available at leehaney.com.

Lee Haney Shares His Secrets to Fitness Longevity in New Book ‘Fit at Any Age’

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