The Longest Day Ever: What We Did With the Fitbit Charge

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The Longest Day Ever was an attempt to turn a typical 9-5 schedule into an all-out day of activities, all being tracked with the Fitbit Charge. The goal was to have a nice balance of physical- and-skill based challenges while being cognizant of realistic logistics.

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Activity 1
We turn a drive into a ride. Seven miles straightaway with cold temperatures and moderate headwind. The bike was an old-school hybrid, and I was layered well in all merino wool from a new brand, QOR. This was about that time when the season “officially” fell into deep fall.

Activity 2
A light body-weight workout to get the blood flowing again. About 50 pushups, 100 skips, two sets of 10 stepups.

Activity 3
A four-mile run up the West Side with an alert from our friends at Chelsea Piers. 

Activity 4
Considering it was a big year in baseball with Jeter’s retirement, activity 4 was to get a few cuts in the cages out of respect.

Activity 5
Surprisingly somewhat scary wall climb. Hey, you never know if you’ll ever need to go into survival mode. It was a nice addition to the day of experiences.

Activity 6
Another silly, but again, surprisingly tough workout: jousting. We actually made this best of three. As for our weapons, they were very light, but worthy of wielding. We’d start each round with a clean to deep squat to overhead press, then would check sticks and begin.

Activity 7
Chelsea Piers’ driving range. Absolutely beautiful. Hudson in the backdrop and adjustable nets based on conditions. The goal was to hit the back net, and as a former caddie and golfer for years, we found out it was. “250 was said to the be middle of the net.” After blocking a few right, I caught a couple good. They gave me the Taylor Made R7. I remember those; these days Taylor Made just dropped their R15 and Aeroburner.

Activity 8
Just a quick jog, a little over a mile, to FOCUS for a short ab circuit. Because we fire those out like crazy on the site, and most of the questions from people are about abs, it was nice to add them the day. (You can get the full workout routine here.)

Activity 9
Hook a friend up with a dog walk.

Activity 10
Yet again, another short run to Bowlmor Lanes. Haven’t bowled in many years, except for a press event for GoPro, tossed a strike on the second try before cooling off to an assortment of gutter balls and spares. We had to give it a go.

Activity 11
How could we do an all-day event in the city with the approaching holidays and not include ice skating? Rockefeller Center it is. And hysterical it was.

Activity 12
Ever think about how hard a workout a pedicab ride could be? We didn’t either. Perfect. I could barely pull it, or control it, and it’s much harder than it looks. And apparently I could have been arrested.

Activities 13 and 14
Light jog mixed with walks to Grand Central. Another iconic place, got to make a few steps count there.

Activity 15
Off to the FDR on the East Side, and, while chugging along, came up to a pullup bar. Well, muscle-ups are cool looking, why not bang a few out?

Activity 16
After ripping down the FDR stretch, things started really slowing down. Not enough water or food. Upon approaching 40 Wall Street, The Trump Building, for activity 16, it was a good time to plow a few Clif Bars and VitaCoco. (That’s not even a product plug. I’ve surfed and paddled for 12 hours at a clip, that’s the go-to fuel.)

The Longest Day Ever was meant to do what products like the Fitbit Charge do. Inspire people to push a little farther and do a little more. How do you make your steps count?

Adam Butterfield: Producer; Nate Millado: Producer; Deanna Testa: Coordinating Producer; Liam Holland: DP; Andrew Arne: DP; Andy Zou: PA

Brian Magarian: Video Editor

Tops/bottoms: QOR
Shoes: Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81

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