Looks Like Matthew McConaughey Got a Dad Bod for His New Movie

Looks Like Matthew McConaughey Got a Dad Bod for His New Movie

When Matthew McConaughey takes a movie role, he goes all in—no matter what.

McConaughey lost nearly 50 pounds to get in character for his role in Dallas Buyers Club—and that turned out to be an Oscar-winning move. But for his newest role in Gold, McConaughey went the opposite route: The Texas native went full “dad bod,” adding 40 extra pounds of fluff to his usually lean frame while also sporting a (gasp!) receding hairline.

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McConaughey plays Kenny Wells, a hustler looking to score big in 1988 by trying to find gold in the jungles of Indonesia. Wells teams up with Édgar Ramírez’s character and discovers a gold mine. And they don’t just strike it rich—they discover what turns out to be the biggest in history. Ramírez looks like he’s having a great time playing off of McConaughey in his role, which comes after his star turn as Roberto Duran in Hands of Stone.

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The story, which is inspired by true events, follows Wells as he tries to keep control of his mining company and the billions of dollars in gold he finds in the jungle. Naturally, everyone else—the FBI, local militias, criminals—try to get their hands on the gold, but only Wells has the key.

Also: He has a run-in with a tiger.

Gold, directed by Stephen Gaghan and starring McConaughey, Ramírez, Corey Stoll, and Bryce Dallas Howard, is set for December 25 release. And don’t worry about the dad bod—we’re sure McConaughey will shed all that extra weight by the time he’s picking up that second Oscar.

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