The Love Decker Challenge


All we have to say is, holy athletic ability. Eric Decker, of the NY Jets challenged Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavs to a friendly game of HORSE. The two athletes met up on the court for the Buffalo David Bitton’s “Love Decker Challenge,” and what came next proves that there is no horsing around when it comes to competition for these two.

Sinking buckets with everything from a Frisbee to a football, the athletes have serious game, and had no problem one-upping each other.

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It all ends with Decker getting double buckets. Swooshing the bball behind his back then going long with the football to score on the opposite hoop (too easy).

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This video makes the average athlete look more like a mathlete but hey not everyone can be a pro baller. And honestly who wouldn’t want to hit the court with Decker and Love, if given the opportunity (sign us up.) Seems like a dream come true… Oh and neither seem to even break a sweat by the end of the video, no biggie.

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