Lupe Fiasco’s Hot Picks for Summer [Video]

Fall’s got football and winter is prime snowboarding season, but for red-hot rapper Lupe Fiasco, there’s nothing like summer. “No matter where you’re at—in the ’hood, in the Hamptons, wherever—there’s this energy.” says the Grammy Award–winning MC. “It’s an energy that fills the whole day, where people are just happy to be alive, happy to be witnessing the sunshine and the good weather.” Men’s Fitness caught up with Lupe Fiasco in Brooklyn, NY, to find out his ultimate summer picks.

He recommends that if you can hit up only one music festival, check out Lollapalooza (“It’s in Chicago, my hometown, and I’ve performed at it a couple of times,” he says.) And if you want to look sharp, sport a pair of Lupe’s favorite sunglasses from Benjamin. (“I have to wear glasses, so I got the same kind that Johnny Depp wears.”) For even more of his recommendations, check out this behind-the-scenes video, where Lupe raps about his favorite food, drink, workout, and tunes.

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