Making the Band


It’s inevitable. If you’re a rock band that’s fronted by a sexy female – comparisons to No Doubt and Blondie are par for the course. Enter Valeze, the New York based punk rock group with the stunning Tiffany Randol on the lead vocals. MF caught up with Ms. Randol, and found out exactly what makes her tick.

Men’s Fitness: What do you say about the obvious comparisons?

Tiffany Randol: Everybody is always going to make comparisons, and you can’t get too wrapped up in it. My influences are more Freddy Mercury and Buddy Holly, but everybody is always going to have an opinion… I can’t do anything about it.

MF: Any contemporary influences?

TR: For a while there weren’t a lot of bands that I really liked… I love Arctic Monkey… they are so cute, and I like a lot of my friends bands. Mikki James plays bass, and he’s one of my favorite writers. I like a lot of bands most people have never heard of.

MF: You just wrapped a video for “Go, Go, Go,” how was that experience?

TR: We did our second music video. Our video was really a trip since we pulled it together very quickly. We found a director three days before we shot it, and we did it on a $150 budget.

MF: It didn’t look like $150 video…

TR: I know, that was the point.

MF: There aren’t many viable female fronted rock bands, how did you get into this position?

TR: I wanted to put together a rock band for a while, but it took a while for all five of us to come together.  Weird thing is that I don’t like to many female fronted rock bands…  definitely not into “chick rock”.  yuck.   Anyway, I’m not very girlie so its not much of a problem for us.   We just do what we do and when the five of us are together on stage it comes to life.

MF: Tell me about the name, Valeze?

TR: Valeze is French for baggage. We just want people to check their baggage at the door, and have fun.

MF: How difficult is it to be the defacto leader of the band?

TR: The five of us have been together for almost three years, and in the beginning I was a total control freak – they put up with a lot of shit from me. It was hard for me to let go and just let things happen for a while until finally something clicked and I realized how much i was holding us back by trying to control everything.  Now its a blast because we’re all just having a fun time collaborating – we’ve definitely found a new sense of freedom with one another that’s brought our music to a new level.  The guys are amazing…

MF: Where would you be if you weren’t this rocker chick?

TR: Probably writing and painting. I’d probably be involved in music somehow, I can’t do anything else.

MF: Valeze is getting a lot of positive buzz on blogs and music websites, how does it feel to hear people’s honest opinion?

TR:  Well – its always great when people have positive things to say.  It makes me happy to know people love the EP and the live shows… As for not so positive buzz – truthfully that doesn’t bother me too much.  Everyone’s always got something to say and you can’t do anything about it.  I just remind myself that what I’m up to is making music that I love and believe in, and thats what matters – not what others have to say.  We just do what we do, have fun, make music and make some people move along the way.

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