Making Magic With the Cast of “Now You See Me” [VIDEO]

If you could perform one amazing trick, what would it be? For the master illusionists in the new movie Now You See Me, pulling a rabbit out of a hat or slicing a girl in half just won’t, uh, cut it.

These money-minded impressarios (played by Isla Fisher, Jesse Eiseberg, Dave Franco, and Woody Harrelson) are pulling off the impossible: Robbing a bank at each of their performances and showering their audiences with cash. FBI agents Mark Ruffalo and Morgan Freeman would shut down their act…if they could only figure out how the trick actually worked. 

MF wanted to know which impressive feats the men (and woman) behind the magic would perform given the chance. While none of them offered to shower us with cash, their answers definitely kept us entertained…that’s more than you can say for the average magic show. 

Do you believe in magic? You might after seeing Now You See Me, in theaters May 31st.


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