This Marathon Runner Got Seriously Ripped

This Marathon Runner Got Seriously Ripped

Ryan Hall is the fastest American marathoner. Ever. The guy can run 26.2 miles in under two hours, five minutes.

But, this past January, he announced his retirement to the surprise of many citing low testosterone levels and fatigue per The New York Times. Though he stopped running professionally, he didn’t stop working out entirely—He start weightlifting. 

The former 130-140-pound runner (according to The New York Times) reported on Twitter on April 21st that he’s now up to 165 pounds at the end of his first bulk and about to start his first cut (Maybe he could use our Trim Up Workouts…)


More recently, he tweeted that he hit a new “best” on the bench press: 


He’s also apparently getting more protein. See his Muscle Milk pancake recipe in his Instagram post below. 



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You can follow him on Instagram and Twitter @RyanHall3 to keep up with his progress.


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