Mark Cuban on How to Tell a Job Is Worth Taking, Getting Fired, and a Smart New Year’s Resolution


You’ve held a lot of different jobs. How do you know when a job is worth taking—and more important, when it’s time to leave? – Mike S., Philadelphia, PA

Every job is worth taking. You’re getting paid to learn. I learned something from every job and every boss I’ve had, which ultimately helped me make money. From the bosses I hated, though, most of what I learned was what not to do when I became a boss.

I read that you were once fired from a job as a software salesman. Was that hard? And what advice would you give someone who’s going through the same thing? – Nick W., Boise, ID

It wasn’t hard. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. Every job is another step to learn from. If you do get fired, focus on finding a way to pay the bills while figuring out how to get to the job you really want.

Can you tell us about a mistake you made in starting up a business, and what that taught you? Joseph P., Brooklyn, NY

I’ve hired people who were stupid and lazy. I couldn’t trust them. Hiring is hard. It’s difficult to find the right people, the ones who can grow with your company. You shouldn’t rush it, but if you do make a mistake, fire quickly.

If I have an extra $3,000, what should I do with it? Save it? Invest it? Blow it on some fun? – Dante M., Athens, GA

Always save it.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? – Eric D., Fort Collins, CO

Enjoy every day.

Mark Cuban is a businessman, investor, and owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks. Follow him on TwitterHave any questions for Mark Cuban? Email him here:


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