Mark Cuban’s Weight Loss, Success, and Money Resolutions for 2017


How do you usually approach a new year? What’s your mindset?

I always have issues with my weight, so that’s always a goal. Beyond that, my goals are pretty much always the same: enjoy my life and my family and bust my ass and kick ass in business and with the Mavs.

You own a movie-theater chain. How do you think that form of entertainment—going to the movies—will evolve in the future? And do you think that movie theaters will weather the trend of people watching movies at home with Netflix and Apple TV?

I think the marketing of movies has to evolve. Digital and traditional media aren’t as effective as they used to be. I really think movies are going to be more like the ground game of politics. The things parties do to get out the vote will be applied to movies. “Get Out of the House” or some slogan like it.

People still get cabin fever. No one wants to stay home all the time or go on a date in their parents’ house. There will always be the anticipation and fun of entertainment like sporting events and movies that will make people want to go.

Would you buy a self-driving car? What are your thoughts on them?

Depends on what everyone else is doing. If there are lanes for them and they’re ubiquitous, yes. But I’d still drive a car. I like the peacefulness of driving.

As a businessman, what’s the one thing you’d really like to get better at?

PowerPoint skills so I could whip out presentations rather than ask for help or search the Net for templates.

Would you ever buy a professional soccer team?

I’m into futsal. I’ll be involved there. We’ll see where that takes me.

What’s the one interview question you always ask job applicants?

“Why weren’t you promoted more?”

A lot of research suggests that a massive amount of workers will be going freelance—or will slowly move toward working remotely—in the near future. What are your thoughts on the growing gig economy?

I think it will expand dramatically. I call it “the value of time” arbitrage. I can always sell my time and my skills to someone whose time is worth more than mine.

If you value your time at $100, and I can do something you need for $50 and do it better than my competition, you’ll pay me.

What was your biggest splurge in 2016? What might be your big splurges in 2017? 

My wife remodeled our house—ugh. As for this year, maybe have a concert in my backyard.

Do you ever unplug?

Always. I play basketball, go shoot hoops by myself, or hang out with my kids.

Is there a new workout trend you’d like to embrace in 2017? Would you ever do communal workouts, like boot camps or CrossFit?

I’ve done Speedflex in Dallas. I do a dance-jam class—keeps me light on my feet! I do a boxing class. I’ll try anything that doesn’t mess with my shoulders—two torn rotator cuffs.

When you’re hiring people, do you personally check their digital footprint for warning signs?

Yes. I Google everything and look at it all. Shrink your shit and keep everything private!

Mark Cuban is an investor, NBA owner, and TV star. 

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