Mark Sanchez’s MMA Workout


Standing Strikes – “It’s mostly hands—left hand, right hand continuous for 30 seconds. Just to keep him moving around.”
Tennis Ball Bounce One Gets – “He’s holding the football, and he’s standing like he’s in the pocket. He’s bouncing, kind of in rhythm. So I’ll throw a tennis ball anywhere, and he’s got to get it before it bounces twice. It’s trying to simulate him escaping out of the pocket”
Jump Rope Skier – “Imagine a cross-country skier moving their feet forwards and backwards. It’s not a lateral movement, its more linear, feet moving forward and backwards.”
Ground and Pound – “Get in a side mount position, where he’s got one knee on the bag, and he can do strikes with the right hand or left hand. I’ll also have him do quick combinations with both hands.”
Box Shuffles – “On a 12-inch box, and he’s doing a lateral shuffle over and back, over the box. Just go back and forth.”