Matt Bomer’s Answer to Maintaining the Perfect Body at 38 Is the Russian Kettlebell Swing


In a recent interview about the #AmazonPilot The Last Tycoon starring Matt Bomer, in expected Men’s Fitness fashion—working out came up.

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Bomer says adding size is in his genetic makeup. “I came from a long line of football players. I put on muscle really quick,” he says. But as a Hollywood actor, he knows as well as anyone else, he’s got to be nimble and easily able to manipulate his body.

“I just came off a job where I had to lose 30 pounds for a role, I think I may have attacked it a little too aggressively the first week,” he admits. His body was in a catabolic state—essentially losing muscle mass in addition to fat to intensify the overall weight loss. “When I lost the 35 pounds, whatever it was for this last movie, I was like, what the f— am I going to do? What happened to my ass?”

After such a dramatic blow to the body’s system, recovery is necessary. Matt worked on pulling back the volume a bit to bring his body back to baseline—stronger and with a bit more weight. “I just backed off the number of sets the second week and I’m feeling great,” he adds.

And his favorite exercise? The Russian kettlebell swing. “I would say those in of themselves make the biggest difference of any single exercise I’ve ever done. Squats, no. I mean they’re [kettlebell swings] insane.”

You’d think you’d most likely see the Russian kettlebell swing in conditioning/weight loss programming, but Bomer has, in fact, used it to build more muscle and strength in his lower body. He adds that “it took like three weeks to get me back to normal.”

Bomer is 38 and has had shredded abs since the beginning of time. He knows what he’s talkin’ about.

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* This interview was lightly edited for clarity.

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