Matt Forte Plays Words With Friends Against His Teammates, Because of Course He Does


I play a bunch of different games because I don’t like waiting for an opponent to respond. It’s a great way to kill time when I’m at the airport.

I’m a big-time fan of Jeopardy!, so I have the app. I’m really good with sports questions, but also Greek mythology, history, and math—I majored in finance at Tulane University.  

I also play Chess with Friends with Adrian Peterson and Eddie George, but my dad is my biggest competitor. When we first started playing, he’d beat me; but then I began to learn strategy and how to defend different moves. Now I win about every other game.

My favorite game, though, is Words with Friends. I play against my teammates, and it gets pretty competitive. Brandon Marshall and I go back and forth; Eric Decker’s pretty good, too. Once I even got a random game request from Eric’s wife, Jessie, and she may be even better than Eric. 

But when I want a game I don’t have to think about, there’s nothing better than old-school Tetris. It’s pretty fun when you’re trying to waste time.

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