Medicine Ball Pushup

Medicine ball pushup rotate

START: Get into a pushup position resting your left hand on a medicine ball and your right hand on the floor.

GO: Lower your chest to about an inch above the floor and then press up. From the up position, move your right hand onto the ball and your left hand onto the floor.

BENEFITS: The offset hand position forces your shoulders, chest, and core to stabilize your body while you do the pushup. The side the ball is on works through a longer range of motion, increasing muscle activation.

HOW TO USE IT: If you’re an intermediate lifter, perform the medicine ball pushup after any pressing exercise (the bench press, overhead press, etc.) for 3–4 sets of 10–15 reps. If you’re more advanced, do it first in your workout and perform it explosively (so your hand comes off the ball). Do 5 sets of 6–8 reps.

MEN’S FITNESS FACT: If this is too hard, work only one side at a time. Perform five to eight reps.


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