Meet the Summer Body Project Designers: Rob Smith

Meet the Summer Body Project Designers: Rob Smith

Rob Smith couldn’t stand the idea of wasting away in corporate America. Finally, he decided to leave it all, become a personal trainer, and look to find new and create ways to help others change their lives. Rob Smith has contributed to the training portion of The Summer Body Project and crafted up two of the speciality recipes.

AGE: 27
OCCUPATION: Aspiring Wellness Coach and Isopurist

Q1. You changed careers, didn’t you? Now you’re all about fitness, tell us about that.
A1. Yes, I come from a media background. Fitness has always been a major part of my life and about a year ago, I decided to make my passion for food and wellness a lifestyle. I hope to use my energy to help and inspire others. We are all on this journey together, and it’s super motivating to know we can lift eachother up along the way.

Q2. What’s the key to success when it comes to fitness?
A2.The key to success when it comes to fitness is looking in the mirror and being completely truthful with yourself about your commitment level to improving your life and then setting long term goals to create what you envision as your ideal body and lifestyle. It’s important to realize that there are rarely any immediate changes. The road is often hard, there are going to be days that you don’t feel like lifting or preparing tomorrow’s lunch. But if you stick to your goals, the sacrifice and reward will be worth it 200%.

Q3. What are you hoping to accomplish with The Summer Body Project?
A3. With The Summer Body Project I am hoping to inspire everyone who follows the program…. to get up, get active, set goals, and begin the process of creating the body of their dreams.

Q4. What was your favorite part about working on The Summer Body Project?
A4. Coming from a media background, its great to work alongside a team of talented and knowledgeable trainers who have lived and are leading the lifestyles that they teach. It’s been inspiring to learn about the team’s personal journeys and how they are using their experiences to fuel a fitness movement. We are not just talk, we live and practice what we teach daily.

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