Meet the Summer Body Project Designers: Tim McComsey


Tim McComsey wasn’t always at the pinnacle of fitness. Growing up, he was stuck with a thin, small stature, but with years of education, committment, and dedication, Tim transformed his body into impeccable conditioning. Now he’s one of the faces and main contributors to The Summer Body Project.

LOCATION: Dallas, Texas
AGE: 31
OCCUPATION: Registered Dietitian, Personal Trainer
CREDENTIALS: Precision Nutrition Certified, Certified Personal Trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES), Weight Loss Specialist (NASM)

Q1. How did you get started with working out and getting in shape? 
A1. I played soccer all my life at a high level. At the age of 15 I wanted an edge to be better than others so I started to read fintess magazines and read about proper nutrition. I instantly fell in love with working out and eating healthy.

Q2. If you could pin-point one thing needed to achieve weight-loss or muscle-building success, what would it be?
A2. Eating healthy for your body and being consistent day after day!

Q3. What are you hoping to accomplish with The Summer Body Project?
A3. I want to inspire others to get in the best shape as they can for their summer plan.

Q4. What was your favorite part about working on The Summer Body Project?
A4. Working as a team collectively to create the project for other people was a new concept for me. It was fun to have others add input for the work I have done but also for me to critique others and add my input without any negativity among us. We have a great team that was placed perfectly together to make the project a huge success.