Meet Your Next Hookup (or Future Wife) at This 5K Race

Meet Your Next Hookup (or Future Wife) at This 5K Race

Sick of the bar scene? Online dating not geting you anywhere? There’s a new place to meet a girl and, though it does involve alcohol, it also involves fitness. It’s a 5K race in Ontario, Canada that’s happening this Saturday, August 8th.

When you register for the Walkerville Brewery Craft Draft 5K, you must say whether you’re “single”, “taken,” or “it’s complicated.” Your answer will be printed on your bib underneath your number. Oh, and each bib is also color-coded—so no worries about squinting to read the print on some hot girl’s bib as she runs past you. Green is for the singles; red is for those who are already coupled up; and yellow goes to the folks who are somewhere between the two. Runners wear the bibs to the after-party that goes until 10 p.m. at the Walkerville Brewery.

Pretty genius, if you ask us. Consider: You and any potential lady-friend you meet there have already entered the race to begin with, so you have at least one (important) thing in common: You care about fitness. Second, with all of those post-run endorphins pumping, you’ll be less anxious about actually talking to/hitting on her (really, this is proven by science.) Running can also help you relax and will just generally make you feel pretty darn good—and if you’re confident, she’ll notice.

While this race is out of the U.S.A., we’re hoping the trend catches on in the home of the brave. Here’s to “race dating” becoming the next online dating—and “singles races” outnumbering color runs.

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