Men Who Like Rock Music Have Higher T-levels Than Those Who Prefer Jazz

Man playing guitar
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The dude blasting Prophets of Rage’s Unf*ck The World during his legs workout is intense, no doubt.

But odds are also good he’s got ample amounts of testosterone flowin’ through his body, according to new research published in Personality and Individual Differences.

In the small study, 37 men and 39 women were subjected to various types of music, then asked to rate them on a scale of one to 19, based on overall enjoyment. Researchers also tested people’s salivary testosterone levels to analyze the connection between the hormone and music preference.

Turns out, testosterone levels can affect your preferences: Those with higher amounts often have a proclivity for music that some might consider “aggressive,” researchers say. They leaned heavily toward types of music the researchers labeled as “unsophisticated”. (Though your average Joe would likely label it as rock and roll—or “awesome”.)

That doesn’t necessarily mean all guys with low T-levels are flocking to see jazz pianist Diana Krall in concert, but this data does suggest hormones are largely influential.

As for the gents with lower testosterone levels, this crowd clearly demonstrates an appreciation for the “more sophisticated” classical jazz tunes. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

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